XPAntivirus Removal Instructions

One of the more prevalent types of threats that exist in cyberspace today goes by the name of XPAntivirus. This malicious program is a rogue antispyware program that is causing many people problems. It engages heavily in the practice of reporting false positives. This means that it reports threats to your system in an effort to scare you into purchasing its full download as a proffered solution to your fictitious problem. These threats come in the form of an aggressive pop up message campaign that will not relent until you take action to rid your system of this bad software.


XP Antivirus
XP Anti Virus

Recommended Action:  Immediate Removal

It is nearly impossible to remove this program manually from your computer because it is installed via a Trojan horse virus. The Trojan virus will merely reinstall it every time you take it from your computer. As such, you must recruit the assistance of Spyzooka if you wish to resolve your problems. Spyzooka provides users with a free system scan so you can be assured of its effectiveness before you make a purchase. Moreover, Spyzooka offers a money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from giving it a try.

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3 Responses

  1. Mary Taylor says:

    A Big thanks to you people, who have developed this product. My Windows XP Media Center OS was infected with Win32.Renos, Backdoor, XPAntivirus, Xta.kill trojans, spyware as I use rapidshare links a lot. I have licensed McAfee, which is good for nothing and was unable to protect my laptop from these malwares. I tried trial version of Bit Defender, Sunbelt Spyware, Claim Win, A-Squared, but they were unable to do a complete detection and removal of malwares. SpyZooka listed all the malwares and registry changes done by them, like task manager, registry edit was disabled. I bought a single PC license, activated, scanned my system thrice and my system is now free from all malwares and viruses and running absolutely fine.

  2. Craig Saller says:

    I know this program isn’t good for my computer, however while i’m on the internet, it closes down what i’m doing and goes to its own page and keeps prompting me to download it. I didn’t do this and downloaded XPAntivirus remover, just to be sure everything is ok. And it is..

  3. Mitchel Harrison says:

    This malware infected my computer and then loaded screen with pop-ups. It said it’s free, but after install it, it urge to purchase full version. I realized xpantivirus isn’t capable to protect a computer, it’s only function is fabricated pop-ups. Thanks to your information, I will never do this stupid thing again.

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