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Xtractor.Plus is an adware program that can come bundled with two different programs, Web3000 and SaveNow, which install with the product. Web3000 is an adware program that provides an ad-serving component to software developers. It can integrate the component into software and turn it into adware that displays ads, causes browser pop-ups, tracks web usage and collects personal info. SaveNow is an adware program that downloads and displays advertisements.  This means triple trouble for your PC.

Xtractor.Plus provides no installation disclosure to inform you of the download, but the adware application itself gathers information from your computer, including your browsing history or other habits, and creates and displays browser pop-ups on your screen.

If you visit the vendor’s  web site, http://www.harmonyhollow.net, it tells you that Xtractor Plus is an archive extraction tool that is designed to make processing RAR, Ace, & Arj archives quick and easy.  They mention their drag-and-drop support, file management functions, and more tidbits of benefits for you.  They fail to mention, however, that this is another piece of adware and downloading it will create unwanted advertisements.  Of course, they won’t tell you this, or you wouldn’t download it.  The benefits of the software certainly don’t outweigh the damage that adware can cause or the fact that they gather information without your knowledge or consent.

If you were enticed into downloading Xtractor Plus and now you want to extract it from your computer, don’t bother with their uninstall instructions.  Most times, these companies offer you partial instructions, which means the adware resurfaces after a period of time or it will not remove the program at all.

You want to be certain that it is removed completely, so you want to use anti-spyware software that has a proven track record of removing spyware, malware, adware, and other applications that may compromise the stability of your computer.  If you’re still skeptical, even with the annoying pop-ups, try SpyZooka’s free PC scan so you can find out for sure if you have been infected.  SpyZooka will present you with a report showing you any and all potential threats.  Don’t wait until disaster strikes and your PC is not functional—get rid of Xtractor Plus today.

Relative file contents :



VVSN.exe xplus.exe savenow.exe,

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